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Puerto Verde
is the Answer!

More Resilient

More Secure

More Efficient

More Sustainable


A Global
Trade Bridge

Mexico is now the United State’s largest and most important trading partner. 42% of all trade between the United States and Mexico passes through the Laredo/Eagle Pass/Del Rio Border Region in Texas. Binational trade between Texas and Mexico has tripled under NAFTA since 1994 and is projected to triple again by 2050. Utilization rates for truck crossings in this region are already at two times their designed capacity. This means trucks often wait two or more hours to cross at many of the region’s bridges.

Investments must be made now to improve and expand infrastructure to ensure that this beneficial trade between our two countries can thrive. Failure to do so in this crucial region could result in an estimated Gross Domestic Product loss of $42.9 billion by 2050 and employment loss of 1.2 million jobs.

Puerto Verde is the Answer.

Puerto Verde is a proposed next-generation commercial port of entry that will make the US-Mexico border more resilient, secure, efficient, and sustainable.