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About Us

About us

A resilient border, secure communities, and more efficient and sustainable trade.

Puerto Verde is a proposed next-generation commercial trade corridor on the southern border between the cities of Eagle Pass, TX, and Piedras Negras, Mexico. Puerto Verde consists of two primary components, the Puerto Verde Global Trade Bridge (PVGTB) and the Puerto Verde Trade Corridor. The Trade Bridge and Trade Corridor will dramatically improve the speed and ease of processing both commercial vehicle and freight rail traffic.

Puerto Verde Global Trade Bridge (PVGTB) will expand cross-border Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) and Freight Rail capacity required to meet nearshoring demands.

Puerto Verde Trade Corridor will reroute commercial vehicles and rail around the urban centers and be served by the Puerto Verde’s Green Eagle Railroad.

Led by transportation executive Ruben Garibay in conjunction with Maverick County, this investment in Eagle Pass will make our border more resilient, our communities more secure, and our trade more efficient and sustainable.